In 1981, the founding members created a club under the auspices of the Veteran & Vintage Chevrolet Club of Australia (WA Branch). The club continued to grow and prosper and in 1985 members voted to form their own club, the one you see to day:


In 1988, in conjunction with the Holden Car Club of WA Inc, the General Motors Owners Day (GMOD) was formed in WA; other States already had successful GMOD's. It was decided at the inaugural meeting that the event would be bi annual and sponsor a single charity, one that was not mainstream, not government funded but was to involve children. The Association for the Advancement of Brain Injured Children (AABIC) was selected and since that inaugural show in 1988, GMOD has donated in excess of $165,000 to needy children.

The club is open to anyone with an interest in the Chevrolet brand, whether they own a Chevrolet or not, there is no prerequisite to own one, although we find members soon do. All Chevrolets are welcome, all models and all years. The club owns, through the kind bequest of our late member, Mr Tony Hoffman, a 1922 Model 490 Chevrolet, the oldest registered Chev in WA.

The club is a keen supporter of the Council of Motoring Clubs (CMC) and their events such as the Classic Car Show at Whiteman Park, now held on the 4th Sunday of April each year, the National Motoring Heritage Day (NMHD) held on the 3rd Sunday of May, the Annual Quiz Night held at various dates and venues in July and the Brockwell Run held on the 2nd Sunday of November. Proceeds from the Brockwell Run go to the Motor Museum of WA at Whiteman Park.

The club is affiliated with all other Chev Clubs throughout Australia and other all make clubs. Membership has remained fairly static at around 80 for a number of years and like all other clubs in the country, we find ourselves as an aging population. We encourage young people into our club as they will be the custodians of our club in future years.